FEMA Flood Plain Maps


1)      Follow the link above to the FEMA Map Service Center.

2)      Expand the first drop down box titled Select a State, District or Territory and select your Louisiana .


3)      A second drop down box will appear under the first titled Select a County, Parish, etc:. Expand this dropdown box and select your desired Parish.

4) A third dropdown box will appear titled Select a Community, Expand this box and select your desired Community.

5) A fourth box will appear in your window which is a button that you will click on to retrieve your desired Flood Plain Maps. The Button is titled Get Current FEMA Issued Flood Maps.

After clicking this button, the site will take you to a different page which details your selection and gives you an Index Map (If Available) as well as more detailed section maps. The top map will be the index map for the area that you selected.

If you select the Index Map (the first map in the selection box) it will show you the complete layout of your community/city.

6)      To select a map, click the looking glass to the right of the selection box.

When you click the looking glass a separate window will pop up with the flood plain map.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I have selected the looking glass to the right of the Index Map.

You can switch between maps or exit out of the additional window at any time without navigating away from the ‘Map Selection Page’.

The individual section maps are ordered from top to bottom. So the top square in the index map for LA, Rapides Parish, Alexandria , will be the second map on the selection page (The map under the index map). The second square from the top will be the third map on the selection page. And so on.