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Arkansas Counties on average cover 1,000 square miles. Dangerous storms are often less than 200 square miles. In the past, warnings were issued to entire counties when dangerous weather threatened. Now, with Weather Call 7, we can match the danger area defined by the National Weather Service with your address.

When severe weather threatens an area, Weather Call 7 determines if your address is within the danger area of the weather warning and calls the phone numbers you specify.
Ever been jolted awake by a weather radio in the middle of the night because a storm was in your county, but no where near you? This doesn't have to happen anymore! Thanks to computerized mapping, KATV's Ned Perme will call the telephone numbers you specify whenever a registered address falls within a warning area.

Subscribe to the Channel 7 Weather Call 7 service and take the guess work out of storm warnings, 24 hours a day. No longer will you hear the tornado sirens and wonder if the danger is near you.

Learn how, for less than 2 cents a day, you can have this vastly improved weather warning service.
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KATV was one of the first television stations in the country to provide our viewers with emergency weather information via e-mail and pager notification with the 7Alert Weather Warn service.

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