King Street Kitchen (3/4 - 3/10)
Shelby Blaschko from Independence
Amy Brandau-Sharpe from Tomah
William Pike from La Farge
Deb Lisick from La Crosse

Hackberry's Bistro (2/25 - 3/3)
Jackie Bates from Onalaska
Philip Helgeland from Black River Falls
Bradey Schleis from Holmen
Cindy Randals from Black River Falls

The Waterfront Restaurant and Tavern (2/18-2/24)
Dianna Clements from La Crosse
Carolyn Humbeutel from Winona
Debbie Brown from Onalaska
Renee Bogie from La Crosse

Neuie's Varsity Club (2/11-2/17)
Ashley Hanus from La Crosse
Daniel Showers from La Crosse
Becky Kofal from Dakota
Edward Hess from La Crosse

Famous Dave's (2/4-2/10)
Bonnie Maas from Trempealeau
Christine Matthews from West Salem
Carol Hunter from Onalaska
Robert Buege from Caledonia

King Street Kitchen (1/28-2/3)
Pam Nasseth from De Soto
Barbara Ryan from La Crosse
Sandra Slaby from Arcadia
Jeanne Tippery from Houston

Heroes Bar & Grill (1/21-1/27)
Jill Anderson from Onalaska
Patricia Snow from La Crosse
Steve Stockhausen from Trempealeau
Lea Krause from La Crosse

Ebeneezer's (1/14-1/20)
Kim Williams from La Crosse
Sharon Switz from Kendall
Charlotte Swenson from Bangor
Larry Alens from Onalaska

Hackberry's Bistro (1/7-1/13)
Andy Wescott from Holmen
Steve Touchette from Blair
Eric Accola from La Crosse
Jason Ronnie from Holmen

Badger Crossing Pub & Eatery (12/17-12/23)
Marilyn Pertzsch from La Crosse
Keri Denstad from Caledonia
Sandy Gregar from Tomah
Tom Mixon from La Crosse

Piggy's Restaurant (12/10-12/16)
Mike Hamernik from Dakota
Kevin Landowski from Wilton
Kelly Stokke from Holmen
Cynthia Seelbinder from Utica

Manny's Cocina (12/3-12/9)
Kimberly Giese from La Crosse
Nancy Ecklor from Coon Valley
Collin Anderson from Pickwick
Nancy Schiltz from Onalaska

Ebeneezer's (11/26-12/2)
Mary Hughes from Holmen
Diana Wilson from La Crosse
Lindsey Geary from La Crosse
Jeanette Laack from Warrens

Neuie's Varsity Club (11-19-11/25)
Leslie Kampa from Independence
John Noonan from Sparta
Meggan Klidzejs from Whitehall
Peggy Millis from Black River Falls

King Street Kitchen (11/12-11/18)
Laura Lee from Onalaska
Angela Gomer from Holmen
Jackie Brown from La Crosse
Tammy Madden from Tomah

The Waterfront Restaurant and Tavern (11/5-11/11)
Douglas Fishel from La Crosse
Scott Sherry from Viroqua
Charlie Greene from La Crosse
Nancy Engelien from Galesville

River Jack's (10/29-11/4)
Lorrie Green from Sparta
Kathy Roberts from Winona
Lisa Schock from Trempealeau
Cheryl Nesbit from La Crescent

Hackberry's Bistro (10/22-10/28)
Elayne Erdman from Sparta
Colin Clayburn from La Crosse
Chad Berra from Genoa
Stacey Blegen from Coon Valley

Ebeneezer's (10/15-10/21)
Brenda Salomonsen from Holmen
Art Stein from Holmen
Preston Rodenkirch from La Crosse
Brenda Sobkowiak from La Crosse

Heroes Bar & Grill (10/8-10/14)
Jenny Walter from La Crescent
Ellie Rask from Caledonia
Debbie Brown from Onalaska
Pam Fischer from La Crosse

King Street Kitchen (10/1-10/7)
Andrea Gunderson from Onalaska
Irene Wood from La Crosse
Mike Hamernik from Dakota
Nancy Alens from Onalaska

River Jack's (9/24-9/30)
Linda Carraux from Holmen
Jackie Brown from La Crosse
Janeen Lockington from La Crosse
Shelley Gabrielson from Westby

Riverview Inn Supper Club (9/17-9/23)
Noel Moser from Kendall
Donna Jacobson from Sparta
Dale Stevens from Winona
Donald Bowman from La Crosse

Hackberry's Bistro (9/10-9/16)
Susan Brown from Galesville
Marie Krocka from Sparta
Kendra Ludke from Sparta
Ruth McQuiston-Keil from La Crosse

Ebeneezer's (9/3-9/9)
Bonita Becker from West Salem
William Jordan from Tomah
Marci Leppert from Onalaska
Kathy Accola from La Crosse

Bucky's Burger Barn (8/28-9/2)
Lloyd Mueller from Blair
Susie Skifton from Caledonia
Bart Gardner from La Crosse
Barbara Jarzemski from Onalaska

King Street Kitchen (8/20-8/27)
Jennifer Marco from La Crosse
Nancy Breuer from West Salem
Vicky Williamson from Tomah
Vicki Vieth from Sparta

River Jack's (8/13-8/19)
Rebecca Bacon from La Crosse
Lisa Vogel from Onalaska
Kristin Troska from Winona
Laura Gardner from La Crosse

Neuie's Varsity Club (8/6-8/12)
Bobbie Stone from Lewiston
Betty Joseph from La Crosse
Mark Burmaster from Onalaska
Melita Wilson from La Crosse

Manny's Cocina (7/30-8/5)
Doug Fries from Norwalk
LeAnn Sweeney from La Crescent
Mary Ward from Holmen
Lisa Hemmersbach from Holmen

Heroes Bar & Grill (7/23-7/29)
Rita Kellogg from Viola
Blade Stach from La Crosse
Theresa Gentry from Holmen
Judy Hall from Onalaska

Three Rivers Lodge (7/16-7/22)
Rod Kadrmas from La Crosse
Jackie Strazdins from Sparta
Stacy Miller from West Salem
Daniel Simerson from Trempealeau

Riverview Inn Supper Club (7/9-7/15)
Karen Woods from La Crescent
Shirlee Nelson from Trempealeau
Geraldine Payne from Readstown
Tanya Dickman from Cashton

Bucky's Burger Barn (7/2-7/8)
Teresa Linzmeier from Tomah
Tracy Jaquette from La Crescent
Roger Kast from Onalaska
Ed Pilmonas from Holmen

River Jack's (6/25-7/1)
Jeremy Likely from Tomah
Dawn Sherry from Viroqua
Tom Granstrom from Bangor
Patricia Salvage from Onalaska

King Street Kitchen (6/18-6/24)
Margo Garske from Sparta
Karla Nelson from Westby
Trish Lastofka from West Salem
Wendy Muenzenberger from West Salem

Riverview Inn Supper Club (6/11-6/17)
Barb Chandler from Melrose
Linda Wright from La Crosse
Matt Gloede from La Crosse
Robert Olinger from La Crosse

Ebeneezer's (6/4-6/10)
Sharon Ronnie from Holmen
Kay Olson from Houston
Kathy Appleman from La Farge
Caleb Landsom from Trempealeau

River Jack's (5/28-6/3)
Kelley Leis from Sparta
David Martin from Camp Douglas
Tammy Rudie from La Crosse
Marilyn Wild from Eitzen

Three Rivers Lodge (5/21-5/27)
Lori Ernstes from Melrose
Caroline Loging from La Crosse
Brenda Schreier from Chaseburg
Patrick Shutter from Tomah

Bucky's Burger Barn (5/13-5/20)
Roger Ellis from Tomah
Karen Kowalski from La Crosse
Pat Christie from La Crosse
Dixie Arndt from Wilton

Nell's City Grill and Catering (5/7-5/13)
Dale Hemmersbach from Sparta
Delaine Stolpa from La Crosse
Aletta Peterson from Holmen
Norm Nordstrom from La Crosse

The Waterfront Restaurant and Tavern (4/30-5/6)
Janet Leitner from Holmen
Teresa Stedman from Winona
Irene Bakken from Tomah
Vicki Zanter from Onalaska

Manny's Cocina (4/23-4/29)
Sally Jones from Melrose
Ruth Nielsen from La Crescent
Richard Lueck from West Salem
Lori Lampert from La Crescent

Los Tres Compadres (4/16-4/22)
Marilyn Kendhammer from La Crosse
Dawn Sutherland from La Crosse
Phoebe Carlson from Winona
Wilmer McArthur from Onalaska

King Street Kitchen (4/9-4/15)
Virginia Brcka from La Crosse
Scott Thurston from Sparta
Ross Garske from Sparta
Debbie Anderson from Wilton

Ebeneezer's (4/2-4/8)
Nancy McDowell from De Soto
Lynette Storlie from La Crosse
Karen Ziegler from Galesville
Shelly Hanson from Westby

Three Rivers Lodge (3/26-4/1)
Kyle Schmitt from La Crosse
Jan Priefert from Nelson
Gary Vance from Onalaska
Rebecca Earney from Sparta

Bucky's Burger Barn (3/19-3/25)
Florence Koenig from La Crosse
Doug Benson from La Crosse
Dean Coates from La Crosse
Sue Bilz from Camp Douglas

Los Tres Compadres (3/12-3/18)
Matthew Kroeger from Onalaska
Lori Polhamus from Viola
Todd Jordan from West Salem
Nancy Hart from Sparta

King Street Kitchen (3/5-3/11)
Carol Robinson from Onalaska
Patti Rucker from La Crosse
Sue Leavitt from Trempealeau
Chad Mather from Galesville

Hackberry's Bistro (2/26-3/4)
Judy Lydon from Kendall
John Sieger from Tremealeau
Vikki Marsolek from Winona
Teresa Stedman from Winona

The Waterfront Restaurant and Tavern (2/19-2/25)
Richard Krocka from Sparta
Jeannine Davis from Arcadia
Lorrie Tolmie from Arcadia
Ellen Touchette from Blair

Manny's Cocina (2/12-2/18)
Dan Heerts from Holmen
Darron Granger from Tomah
Sharon Mueller from De Soto
Michelle Jones from Sparta

Nell's City Grill and Catering (2/5-2/11)
Jeannine Gerke from Tomah
Susan Schroeder from La Crosse
Charles Jacobson from Viroqua
Heather Brice from La Crosse

Badger Crossing Pub & Eatery (1/29-2/4)
Patricia Herricks from West Salem
David Martin from Camp Douglas
Scott Thurston from Sparta
Robert Caulkins from La Crosse

Riverview Inn Supper Club (1/22-1/28)
Alice Hagen from Sparta
Arlene Schroeder from Mindoro
Nancy McArthur from Onalaska
Mary Fries from Norwalk

Bucky's Burger Barn (1/15-1/21)
Julie Lutz from Winona
EvaLea Bolstad from Stoddard
Jean Evenson from Holmen
LaNell Gerlach from Trempealeau

Uptown Bistro (1/8-1/14)
Jane Jacobson from La Crosse
Erica Hoven from Westby
Kim Pongratz from La Crescent
Kathryn Schmitt from La Crosse

Los Tres Compadres (12/18-12/24)
Rose Briskey from Hillsboro
Pao Vue from La Crosse
Margaret Sieger from Trempealeau
Julie Coates from La Crosse

King Street Kitchen (12/11-12/17)
Carrie Chambers from La Crosse
Molly Horihan from Spring Grove
Kristen Frie from Holmen
Teresa Heidel from La Crescent

Hackberry's Bistro (12/4-12/10)
Kristin Buege from Caledonia
Jeannette Fox from Westby
Linda Gluch from Westby
Sandra Stingl from La Crosse

The Waterfront Restaurant and Tavern (11/27-12/3)
Jen Scheck from Houston
Wesley Harris from La Crosse
Karen Witte from Whitehall
Roger Kast from Onalaska

Manny's Cocina (11/20-11/26)
Misha Johnson from Taylor
Cindy Randals from Black River Falls
Teresa Linzneier from Tomah
Kim Pongratz from La Crescent

Nell's City Grill and Catering (11/12-11/19)
Pam Conway from Wilton
Toby Wood from Chaseburg
Carolyn Chambers from La Crosse
Ken Christie from La Crosse

Badger Crossing (11/6-11/11)
Eric Olson from La Crosse
Dawn Koll from Onalaska
Jess Larivee from Onalaska
Carol Duhr from Westby

Riverview Inn (10/30-11/5)
John Johnson from La Crosse
Erin Johnson from New Albin
Jolene Rhea from Tomah
Balorie Miller from West Salem

King Street Kitchen (10/23-10/29)
Mike Dobbins from La Crosse
Dean DeVoe from Wilton
Kristin Buege from Caledonia
Laurie Gillespie from Holmen

Hackberry's Bistro (10/16-10/22)
Renee Sullivan from Tomah
Velma Hora from Hillsboro
Darlene Larsen from Viroqua
Bob Hall Sr. from Onalaska

The Waterfront Restaurant and Tavern (10/9-10/15)
John Melby from La Crosse
Rebecca Benrud from Holmen
Tom Graham from La Crosse
Vicky Kramer from Trempealeau

Manny's Cocina (10/2-10/8)
Tina Lawrence from Fort Atkinson
Michelle Jones from Sparta
Ellyn Von Wald from La Crosse
Joni Mehus from Spring Grove

Nell's City Grill and Catering (9/25-10/1)
Diane Lockington from La Crosse
Sandi Langowski from Minnesota City
Gregg Nash from Sparta
Stephanie Mueller from Sparta

Badger Crossing Pub & Eatery (9/18-9/24)
Colin Klos from La Crosse
Amy Hohmann from Onalaska
Nichol Oldendorf from West Salem
Karen Radomski from Arcadia

Riverview Inn Supper Club (9/10-9/17)
Mary Goodenough from La Crosse
Chad Williams from West Salem
George Keane from Onalaska
Matt Barth from Genoa